Cleaning Service Tools Every Home Needs

Store These Cleaning Tools!

When you have the right and correct tools on hand, cleaning efficiently is much simpler whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a house cleaning service. To keep up your quality of living, you want reliable cleaning supplies. This is a list of things you should have in order to be prepared for any situation, no matter how big or small.

Scrub Brushes

Obtain at least one excellent cleaning brush. For the majority of problems, like cleaning a bathtub or sink, a plastic one with stiff bristles and a handle with a rubber grip will do. Think about getting a brush set with several brush heads to clean your shower head and other difficult-to-reach places.

Multi-purpose Duster

If you realize the ceiling fan in the living room is beginning to collect cobwebs, you’ll be glad you have an extension wand duster. You definitely won’t ever have to be concerned about how to dust those deep areas again if you select one with a spinning head and enough length to reach your high ceiling.


When doing the dishes, seek sponges with a hard side to blitz food that has become attached to it and a soft side for delicate dishes. If you have cast iron cookware, clean it using nonmetal, non-abrasive sponges. Choose strong, heavy-duty sponges for cleaning surfaces that require thorough scrubbings, such as floors, ovens, and other surfaces. Avoid using the same sponge to wash the floor and clean the dishes by keeping your sponges separate.

Broom and Dustpan

Cleaning up accidents like a cereal box that has been knocked over on the kitchen floor or grass clippings on your patio requires a broom and dustpan. Also, they work great for brief pre-cleaning before vacuuming. Choose a dustpan with a rubber lip so that it will stick to the ground and that you can use it to delicately sweep all of the dust and other debris into it.


A mop functions best as a cleaning and polishing option for hard floor surfaces like laminate, tile, or wood. A stick mop with a straightforward sponge head or one with a handle you can fill with cleaning solutions are both options. A steam mop offers an alternate method for cleaning floors because it uses hot water and occasional cleaning solution. Moreover, they frequently come with washable, reusable cleaning pads that don’t require wringing out like a regular mop head.

The following cleaning supplies are necessities for your home. And if you’re looking for a reliable house cleaning service in Freehold, NJ, you can never go wrong hiring Marianna's Cleaning Service. Call us at (732) 492-9768 for more information!